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Amber Fawn Crinkle Teether

Amber Fawn Crinkle Teether

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Speckled fabric and unique characters have made Amber Fawn & Rocky Chicken favorites.

Why do we love these two?
– Fawns are top sellers at Mary Meyer
– Chickens make us all smile
– Mini themes make it easy to coordinate gifts

Amber has moved out of the woods and into the nursery. She and other woodland critters are the motif of choice for many nurseries today. Spots that are never out grown. Fuzzy spotted fabric with gold satin lining provides tactile interest and appeals to baby’s senses. Rocky is part of a mini-theme that features luxurious fabrics, metallics, neutral color palettes, and sophistication.

A true standalone item – part soother, part activity toy. A soothing activity toy for curious babies. Simple activity toy with sewn in teether and metallic embroidery. Each Crinkle Teether has fun character appliques and colorful patterns. Baby safe embroidered details.